To combat your pain I use the following treatments. In addition to these selected therapies, we use a variety of other forms of therapy at the OSZM. A list of all possible forms of therapy as well as details of those listed here can be found on the OSZM website.

ACP autohemotherapy


Treatment with ACP (autologous conditioned plasma) is a new therapeutic procedure for sports injuries, wear-related joint complaints, tendon injuries and chronic diseases such as arthrosis or tendon sheath irritation. In this therapy, the affected areas are treated with autologous plasma. The growth factors contained in the blood positively influence the healing process.

Botox: therapeutic and aesthetic


Botox works miracles for chronic tension, especially in the area of the cervical spine.

I use Botox for therapeutic as well as aesthetic therapies. By using Botox, good results can be observed in the treatment of sweating problems and in wrinkle therapies (frown lines, crow's feet, thinking wrinkles).

Spinal flooding


This is the best and most uncomplicated therapy for lumbar spine complaints. In cases of spinal canal narrowing and changes on several segments (several herniated discs), regular flooding of the lower spine can provide very good pain relief.

During treatment, ultrasound is used to locate a small opening in the bone in the area of the coccyx. The area is anesthetized with a local anesthetic and then some medication is injected into the spinal canal, similar to an epidural. Afterwards, at home, you should lie on your back for two hours.

In severe cases, three treatments in weekly intervals followed by adaptive treatment every three months according to symptoms are required.

The goal is to relieve acute pain and reduce the amount of medication.

Minor orthopedic surgery


In our practice, I can directly carry out various procedures (exclusively under local anesthesia). This reduces the costs for the patient and you do not have to wait long for a surgery appointment.

There, I can perform various forefoot operations as well as hand operations .

Other operations, such as arthroscopies of all joints except for the hip are performed in in-patient hospitals. (Rudolfinerhaus, Private Clinic Döbling, Protestant Hospital and Sanatorium Hera).

X-ray targeted infiltrations

In X-ray targeted infiltration, an X-ray machine is used to visualize the region to be treated and then the infiltration needle is advanced to the target site under X-ray control. The position of the needle is then checked using an iodine-based contrast agent, also to prevent accidental delivery into a vessel.
Then the drugs are injected.
The effect of the applied medication can appear within minutes, but can also take several days until a noticeable effect appears.
Complications during this treatment correspond to any other infiltration treatment: allergic reaction, infection, nerve damage, hematoma, thrombosis, etc....