Pain therapy with Botox

Report on the topic of pain therapy with Botox

On 03 May 2019, a report on pain therapy with Botox was broadcast on the local television in Austria.

Here is a link to this report.

By means of special blockade techniques I am able to provide long-term treatment for various complaints and to significantly reduce the symptoms.

In doing so, I take up already established techniques and combine them to an nearly unique pain therapy in Austria.

By means of a special nerve stimulator which has already been used in anesthesia for years, as well as imaging with ultrasound, I can perform blockades of nerves, muscles and joints and thereby achieve a significant reduction of pain, possibly even complete freedom from pain.

MultiStim Sensor

First, an exact diagnosis is made and then a test blockade with a special pain medication is administered.

A test blockade can last up to four weeks and in some cases is sufficient.

If the test blockade does not last long enough or if the patient wants a longer lasting effect, the blockades can be done with botulinum toxin.

Botulinum toxin A (commonly called BOTOX) is the strongest neurotoxin available in medicine. It causes a blockage of neurotransmitters. This blockage lasts up to 6 months and is completely reversible. On the one hand, this is an advantage, on the other hand, it is also a disadvantage.

Side effects are very rare, but can range from infection to skin irritation to partial paralysis of muscles. The more experienced the person administering the blockade, the less likely unwanted side effects will occur.

If multiple applications are necessary for chronic patients, it is necessary to switch to a special botulinum toxin, which is of low molecular weight and therefore has no habituation effect.

Nerve stimulation_Axillary plexus anaesthesia Multi-injection method
Nerve Stimulation Infraclavicular out of plane (according to Raj)

What can be treated with these blockages?

Arthrosis of various joints, chronic tension syndromes (cervical syndrome, lumbar spine), chronic tendon attachment irritations (e.g. heel spur, tennis elbow), nerve irritations (sciatica, CTS, TOS: thoracic outlet syndrome, trigeminus neuralgia), non-specific pain syndromes.

Does it hurt?

As with any infiltration, it can be somewhat painful. If the area is particularly sensitive to pain, the region can be anesthetized locally. During infiltration, the nerve stimulator sends out current pulses which can be unpleasant.

What does it cost?

A targeted blockage costs € 350.

Botulinum toxin depending on region and amount: starts with € 250 per region.